For Private Room menus & reservations, kindly inquire by email at, via WhatsApp at +852 9310 0172 or call us at +852 2711 0063
For Main Dining Area, online reservations are available for the following 28 days only at 12 midnight (HKT) via ResDiary.


Culinary Philosophy

WING Restaurant synergizes the finest of the Eight Great Chinese Cuisines with modern culinary approaches to strike a harmonious and well-balanced sensory experience while highlighting the understated elegance of traditional Chinese culinary finesse.

An ode to the seasonality and natural aroma of the ingredients, each component is prepared in the simplest way to flawlessly captivate the essence while achieving an ultimate balance in taste, texture and temperature. Using some of the best seasonal premium ingredients, the tasting menu is meticulously thought out, designed and plated to showcase WING’s very own culinary identity, without confining to any culinary constraints.

Chef Vicky & Wing

‘“WING”, taken from my Chinese name, is a reflection of me as a person with hope, perseverance and tenacity. It also symbolizes my vision of cultivating and passing down the wisdom of Chinese cuisine to future generations.’

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